Top Five: ‘Wee’ Teams that Shocked Rangers

Rewind to 2012. Rangers are to start the 2012/2013 season at the lowest level in the Scottish League structure. Pundits predicted an easy ride for the Gers. Fans thought they would romp through the leagues, perhaps without losing a single game.

They splashed the cash to sign big name players. On paper at least, it should have been a stroll through the leagues. For the most part, it was.

However, over the course of the ‘journey’, there were some shocks along the way. Players from part-time clubs managed to write their names in to their club’s history books.

This top five series is going to take a look at some of the biggest shocks that Rangers suffered at the hands of ‘diddy’ teams in their time in the third and fourth tier of Scottish football.

As I started interviewing for  this top five, I realised that the stories were too good to squeeze in to one (very) long article. For that reason, the list will be released in five parts over five days starting tomorrow evening.

Each piece features the voice of someone who played a key role in their team’s victory over the Ibrox side. Where possible I will link to highlights, although they weren’t available for all of the games.

As always, lists are often controversial, and you may feel that I’ve missed a team that should be included or added one that shouldn’t. If you disagree, and I’ve missed an obvious one, please comment along the way.

I hope the list is as fun to read as it was to put together.

Feel free to comment below with your picks for the biggest shock they suffered at the hands of opponents in what is now League 1 and League 2.


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