Thursday Throwback: The Time Barry Russell Nearly Broke an Opponent

In a new semi-regular, light-hearted series, we will take a look back at things of interest which have happened in the lower leagues. It could be a great goal, a fantastic celebration, a terrible tackle or anything else in between.

The Time Barry Russell Nearly Broke an Opponent

Barry Russell tackle vs Ayr United – 3rd January 2015

Barry Russell Tackle

Wow. There’s plenty to digest with this tackle from Barry Russell.

As Nicky Devlin charges up the field, defender Russell senses he has an important role to play. He waves to his teammates: “I’ve got this under control”. He speeds up, perhaps even close to his maximum speed. The ball is there to be won.

Devlin uses all his trickery to, er, knock the ball forwards, but Russell has already committed.

In a move more suited to a wrestling ring, the defender throws his body in the direction of his opponent. An almighty collision follows, and Devlin flies through the air, almost landing on his head after a forward flip.

To his credit, Russell holds up his hand to apologise straight away, although surely he’s got to go…

Remarkably, the referee shows a yellow card. It’s probably not even worth thinking about what it would have taken for Alan Newlands to show a red card on that day…

Thankfully, everyone was okay, so we can watch it again. Hedges and Heartache does not encourage dangerous tackles, obviously…

You can watch the full clip on YouTube from around 3.55.


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