Smart Osadolor – Exclusive Interview

Smart Osadolor is looking to make up for lost time after his return to Annan Athletic was confirmed at the weekend.

The 25-year-old has had a frustrating season so far, having spent time at Stranraer, East Kilbride and Rossvale this season.

He said: “I probably shouldn’t have left (Annan). Now, looking back, in terms of my personal development, it’s not helped me at all.

“I think (returning) is the right thing to do, and I’m glad the club has given me the opportunity to come back and to try and help them achieve something good which we couldn’t achieve last year.”

The quick striker knows he will have to work hard to win back his place in the Galabankies starting eleven.

He feels he has learned a lot about the importance of playing for a manager, and fans, that appreciate him.

He said: “I feel as if I owe the fans something back because out of all the clubs I’ve been to or places I’ve played, the Annan fans are by far the best I’ve experienced.

“The manager knowing you and appreciating you and wanting you to do good for you and good for the club as well makes all the difference.”

Having left Stranraer after just one appearance, Osadolor does not feel that he was given a chance with The Blues.

He said: “Every manager has his own personal opinion, but if the manager decides to sign you before the season ends and decides to say you don’t fit in to his plans 28 minutes in to the season, you kind of expect to think you would get given a bit more chance.

“I look at where they are in the table just now, and no disrespect to them I don’t think I would have been doing any worse than the group of boys that’s there.

“What he said to me was that I wasn’t good enough to play in his team and I wasn’t good enough to play at that level but at the same time I question that because I see how they’re doing in the league just now.”


His next move to East Kilbride was similarly frustrating, scoring once in two appearances, but the player feels he wasn’t given a fair chance at K-Park.

“I’m still gelling with the team, still fitting in and the manager says ‘I’ve got too many strikers’.

“If you go to a team and the manager tells you I want to bring you in because of x, y and z you play two games, you score one goal and the manager says you’re no longer needed, as a striker what can you do?”

A short stop at Rossvale led the player back to Galabank, where he has set his sights high.

Last season the Galabankies narrowly missed out on a playoff spot, and Osadolor wants to see the team go at least one better this time out

“To be honest I would like to do something that we weren’t able to do last year because it did hurt, missing out on the playoff just by one goal, and being a striker you can imagine how much that hurt.

“I think the bottom line is just to take every game as it comes… and (I will) try and give my best every time. The Annan fans know without a doubt I’ll be doing that until the end of the season.”

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