Colt Teams: Time for Action

It is  clear that the powers that be are determined to pursue the addition of Colt Teams to the SPFL structure.

We appreciate opinions are  split on this, however this site is aimed at lower league fans, and  this proposal is disrespectful and demeaning to clubs in the leagues we support. This is too big to ignore.

The arguments against have been repeated over and over again. For background you can read my thoughts here:

Let’s be clear, the powers that be  will have no qualms in implementing this, no matter what fans say. They will use all of their powers to get this in place. The only way this proposal can be stopped is through the collective voice of the clubs we support.

It will be put to a vote, and ultimately, our chairmen will decide.

Scottish football fans have shown before what we are capable of. It is time for us to work together to show the leaders at our clubs the strength of feeling that exists.

What needs to happen?

  • We need to email our clubs to let them know how we feel. If there is a serious chance that you won’t renew your season ticket or won’t return to games, let them know. If you write an email you’re particularly pleased with, why not send it to and it can be used as a template by others?
  • We need to keep the case alive on social media. With the Challenge Cup the story about Colt teams was initially reported, and fans expressed disappointment online. It was forgotten about, then introduced. We can’t just let this one slip off the agenda. Someone has set up @NoToColts on Twitter, and that seems to be worth following.
  • We need skills. Are you a graphic designer that can put together a logo? Do you have contacts that can put out the word? If you have any skills which you think could be useful, use it!
  • We need to keep the debate going on our own club forums. There is a good thread running on Pie and Bovril. However people associated with our clubs will probably be more likely to read forums dedicated to their team.
  • We need to keep the debate going offline. Not exactly a “hot take” but not  everyone is on social media or using forums, we need to be talking to them too.

Fan campaigns have worked before, often with bigger clubs. Now it’s time for the “diddy” fans to unite.

We must have a serious think about this proposal. Is it a red line which would mean you will no longer attend games? Is it something that might prevent you from buying a season ticket? Would you “boycott” any games against a Colt team?

We need to let our clubs know.  We need to be writing emails, expressing our thoughts on the matter. Our clubs make decisions based on finances, and if fans make it clear that they can’t stomach their club voting in favour of Colt teams, they will be forced to think.

Whatever your thoughts on the 2012 campaign by SPL fans in relation to Rangers, it worked. See this for example:

If we sit back and allow the Colt proposal to happen, we risk our teams playing glorified training matches. We lose the passion from our game, and we allow the best teams in the country to get better.

We must peacefully make our arguments and let our voices be heard. There is little point in lobbying the SFA or the SPFL, our discontent needs to be shared with our clubs.

With talks due to get underway soon, there is little time to waste.

If you agree with the proposal then please don’t feel this is an attack on you. We would be happy to post something on the opinion pages in favour of the idea. If that is you, please feel free to write something and send it over.






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